Series M/ product architecture

With state-of-the-art technology and modular design for an individual high-performance CCM solution.

The CCM System Series M/ is a standard software based on modern Java EE technology Its modular structure, distinctive interface strategy, and consistent use of proven IT standards enable individually configurable solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements. This is how the Series M/ achieves optimum efficiency and turns your customer communications into positive customer experiences.

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CCM processes with the Series M/

The Series M/ takes the approach of an end-to-end CCM solution that offers the entire creation process from data transfer/content composition to omnichannel output from a single source. This process is essentially covered by two products: M/TEXT for content composition and M/OMS for finalization and omnichannel output management.

Product architecture series M/ kwsoft
Product architecture series M/ kwsoft

Both products are fully integrated and can be operated together, individually or in combination with other CCM components. For example, M/TEXT as a text solution that transfers the prepared content to an existing OMS. Or M/OMS, which accepts and processes document formats such as PDF, AFP, etc. from existing applications.

You can achieve the highest increase in quality, security, and cost-effectiveness by controlling the complete CCM process for all written corporate communications with the central, end-to-end CCM solution Series M/. Here, our customers benefit from

  • der deutlich besseren Performance des Gesamtprozesses,
  • der Effizienz und Übersichtlichkeit der zentralen Ressourcenkonfiguration,
  • einer unternehmensweiten CCM-Lösung, die ohne zeitaufwändige und qualitätsmindernde Konvertierung auskommt. 


The Series M/ is implemented as a multi-tier client-server system based on the Java EE architecture. Thus it is executable on all platforms with a JEE application server (e.g. Windows, Linux, Unix: AIX, HP-UX (PA-Risc and Itanium), Solaris, MAC OS X).

Application Server

The server components can currently run on the following Java EE application servers:
Oracle Weblogic, JBoss AS, IBM WebSphere, Open Liberty und WildFly.

Java EE Applikationsserver kwsoft serie m

The Series M/ can be operated in a cluster which means it can scale horizontally to meet the infrastructure requirements of modern, globally operated IT applications: High availability with 24×7 operation, load balancing, and scaling.


The storage of data (e.g. resources, documents, metadata, administrative data, …) is done in the runtime environment in one or more relational databases. The Series M/ currently supports the following database systems:
Oracle, IBM DB/2, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA.

datenbanken kwsoft serie m

Container technology

With the modern architecture of the Series M/, operation on container application platforms (Docker with Kubernetes / OpenShift) for cloud computing is also possible, making the Series M/ cloud-ready.

Raiffeisen Switzerland runs the Series M/ productively on the OpenShift container platform. The applications run very stably and with a multiple parallelized PDF preparation speed of 220 pages per second. They also cover peak loads without the system being maxed out.

Cloud-Technologie with the Series M/

M/Cloud for Testing

kwsoft operates on the current release of the Series M/ in an AWS cloud. As a client, you receive access to this system for a small fee. This means you work as a client in your own environment with preconfigured servers. There, you can upload your resources to test the provided version with your settings, resources, etc. No installation and configuration effort is required on your end.


M/Cloud for Production

Together with our partner msg systems AG, we offer the Series M/ as individual cloud solutions tailored to your company. This allows you to take your customer communication management to the next level in terms of technology. Whether you want to outsource select batch runs or your entire Series M/ infrastructure, M/Cloud for Production is prepared for it.

Sounds interesting? We will prepare a non-binding offer customized for you!

Series M/ – the innovative product line

Count on innovative document creation and flexible output management with the Series M/ !

Series M/ – the innovative product line

Count on innovative document creation and flexible output management with the Series M/ !

With combinable modules to an individual solution

With M/TEXT and M/OMS you have the basis for an end-to-end CCM solution, which you can expand to your individual solution with numerous optional modules. kwsoft offers a variety of configurable standard modules with different functional extensions. For example

  • Sprachmodule für Bedienoberfläche und Formatierung (Silbentrennung/Rechtschreibung) 
  • Renderer für zahlreiche Ausgabe-Formate wie HTML, Postscript, PDF, PDF/A, PDF/VT, PDF/UA, AFP, PCL, TIFF, PNG, SVG, XML
  • Einen Integrationsadapter Webservices zur einfachen Anbindung von Anwendungen 
  • M/OMS Input X zum Import diverser Dateiformate wie AFP, PCL, PDF, SAP GOF
  • M/OMS DO für Porto- und Versandoptimierung, DV-Freimachung
  • M/TEXT TONIC Content Hub, das Text Redaktionssystem für Ihre Fachredakteure
  • Etc.

In addition, there are many modules designed according to customer specifications, which you can integrate via numerous interfaces. For example, output extensions that provide data for business intelligence modules.

In addition, our partners offer modules that complement the Series M/, for example, integration in Outlook, in Salesforce, in SAP, or a digital ePostbox operated via app


Custom Development

And when the configuration of the standard products and additional modules reaches its limits, our Custom Development department provides project-related software engineering for individual additions. This way, we also cover special cases outside the standard and work with you to integrate the products into your specific infrastructure or architecture environment.


Instead of reinventing the wheel, we leverage market-proven standards that increase the openness, connectivity, and extensibility of the system.

  • Best-of-breed – Funktionen außerhalb des Kernbereichs CCM wie z.B. Versionsverwaltung, Lastverteilung, Workflow, Aufgabensteuerung etc., decken wir mit im Markt etablierten Systemen ab.
  • Ausgeprägte Schnittstellenstrategie – APIs für nahtlose (SOA-konforme) Integration des Systems in Ihre IT-Infrastruktur bzw. in Ihre Anwendungen und Prozesse mit Funktionsaufrufen/Datenaustausch in beiden Richtungen
  • Formate – bei Input wie Output unterstützen wir alle gängigen Standardformate

With each new release we improve the products and develop them consequently, so that today we are considered a technological market leader with the Series M/. Every year at the start of planning new releases, our customers select new functions from a list of suggestions, which, in addition to our strategic product planning, are included in the next release.

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