Omnichannel Output Management with M/OMS

What is M/OMS?

M/OMS is the omnichannel output management system of the Series M/. It ensures that the content created in the company reaches the right output channel in the right format. Omnichannel means that the company can use all the necessary physical and digital output channels and formats. Depending on which channel is legally permissible or desired by the customer in the individual case – storage in the portal, notification as SMS, e-mail, letter post, registered mail, PDF, etc. – the content can be sent to the customer in the correct format.

M/OMS Server

The features of M/OMS

  • Finalisieren – das heißt, den erstellten Content für den physischen/digitalen Versand nach definierten Kriterien optimieren und ausgeben. Beispielsweise eine E-Mail mit Text und entsprechenden Anhängen generieren und dem Mail-Server übergeben, wichtige Dokumente im Kundenportal ablegen und eine Kurzmeldung per SMS oder Messenger als Info versenden, Porto- und Versandoptimierung für den Postversand vornehmen etc. M/OMS arbeitet im Wesentlichen in 4 Schritten:
  • Receive – Sammeln/Importieren/Registrieren der zu verarbeitenden Dateien
  • Split – Aufsplitten der Input-Datenströme in definierte Teil-Dokumente/Kopien nach unterschiedlichen Zielen oder Verarbeitungsweisen
  • Stack – Zuordnung zu den entsprechend definierten Verarbeitungsstapeln wie Print, Mail, Portal, Archiv und ähnlichem
  • Extensions – Verarbeitung der Ausgabeparameter, Datamatrix/ Barcode/OMR aufbringen, Deckblätter erzeugen, Rendern in die Ausgabeformate, kundenspezifische Funktionen etc.

M/OMS has all the data and metadata collected in the creation process (content composition) available so that the system can generate any required physical or digital output at the time of output. Depending on the configuration, the data is subsequently deleted or it remains available for further processing. For example, if an invoice is not accessed in the portal within a certain period of time, a response is sent to M/OMS, which then starts a print with postal delivery.

Our customer eprimo uses this flexibility in its clever hybrid solution for “More customer communication. Less expenses”. Convince yourself:

Series M/ – as established as it is innovative

Rely on an always updated solution for your output management.

Series M/ – as established as it is innovative

Rely on an always updated solution for your output management.

What are the advantages of M/OMS?

Modern customer communication, which has to meet increasing requirements in order to fulfill the growing expectations of recipients, cannot be managed without a powerful output management system. With M/OMS, companies are technologically, functionally, and strategically prepared for the future:

Efficiency, security

A central hub like M/OMS provides the enterprise solution needed to register all output, flexibly distribute it to shipping channels, archive it and exploit the full optimization potential

Customized solution

The “extension” modules mentioned above provide standard functions and can also integrate customer-specific processes/programs. In this way, the solution is tailored precisely to the company’s individual requirements.

Cost savings

Companies that still send many documents by mail save cash every day with postage and shipping optimization through M/OMS DO. At the same time, the hybrid way of working of M/OMS promotes the process of digitalization and helps to save time and costs as well as to conserve resources with digital output. Our customer eprimo put it this way:More customer communication. Less costs.“

Processing security

During the entire processing step , the processing status is documented at document level. For example, our customer Raiffeisen Switzerlandhas set up controlled audit trails that extend beyond the company to the print service provider and the delivery agent.

What else is part of M/OMS

M/OMS Cockpit

is the system’s web interface, which the administrator uses to monitor and control the output processes that are usually controlled by the system. The statuses of the respective processing steps can be tracked and, if necessary, individual documents or entire jobs can be reprocessed.


This is an optional add-on module for optimizing your postal dispatch. DO stands for Dispatch Optimizer, for which the system uses all common postal service parameters: ZIP code, rate levels, containers, pallets, etc.
Postage and dispatch optimization
DP franking
Enclosure control

M/OMS Input X

is an optional add-on component to M/OMS that can be used to import and process not only M/TEXT but also other formats such as PDF, AFP, PCL and SAP GOF. This makes M/OMS the central solution for the output of alldocuments produced in the company – even if they were not created with M/TEXT.

Further add-on modules such as

Weight Calc
for weight-dependent shipment optimization

Closed Loop
for reacting to events that take place after M/OMS, for example, to automatically start a reprint or confirm successful final processing, etc.

We will be happy to inform you about further features.

Technologically, M/OMS, like the entire Series M/, is implemented as a multi-tier client-server system in Java EE architecture and is geared towards professional individual and mass communication with large document volumes and high user numbers.

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