Professional OMS for health insurance companies

GKV Software of BITMARCK uses document creation and output management of the series M/.
As part of the joint partnership, kwsoft operates the interface to the GKV software iskv_21c released by Bitmarck. This makes it very easy to connect the series M/ (M/TEXT + M/OMS) to create, optimize and output all the necessary documents.

On the part of the specialist system, the print jobs can be sent to its DocumentServerWS in accordance with the Bitmarck 21c specification without any further modification – this completes the job for 21c.

M/TEXT works as a “self-processing text system” and ensures via the Java interface that correct documents are generated from the iskv_21c jobs, optimized via M/OMS and distributed in the correct form to the intended output channels. The documents are based on templates with building blocks that can be designed very easily in the M/Workbench graphical design environment. The series M/ is multi-client capable and supports all variants of document creation:

  • Automatic production with display and post-processing possibility via the word-like M/TEXT client with instant printing
  • High-performance batch printing via the document server
  • Create document attachments from supplied documents in PDF format
The connection works under JBoss and Websphere and is open for expansion with customer-specific modules.

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